3 Tips to Make Your Fatburner Work More Efficiently

3 Tips to Make Your Fatburner Work More Efficiently


If you’re looking to lose weight or even cut weight for a major event using a fatburner to increase your metabolism is becoming an attractive option for people.

The right fatburner will boost your metabolism by burning fat. You will find that a great side-effect of fatburners is the extra energy that you will have.

You must exercise care, though, not all fatburners are created equal. Some contain too much caffeine and will mess up your sleep patterns.

A great fatburner uses a mixture of ingredients that attack fat in a multitude of ways.

A supplement that uses multiple approaches to burning fat will ensure better results even on days that you don’t exercise or eat right.

That said, even the best fatburner is not the magic pill.

Fatburners are developed to help you burn fat, but for the best results you have to do your part too. Downing a pill and watching the fat disappear only works in fantasy land or in poorly done commercials.

Consuming a healthy diet, exercising hard on a regular schedule will speed up the process, so you reach your fat loss goals quicker.

Fatburners aren’t for everyone; they can mess up your sleep habits and if taken inconsistent with the directions unwanted side-effects can occur.

Before we get to the three tips to make your fatburner work better, let me touch on some frequently asked questions about fatburners.

Fatburner History – What are they?

A while back most fatburners used ephedrine, which is a synthetic product that mimicked the Chinese herb ephedra.

The problem was ephedrine, and to a lesser extent ephedra has addictive qualities and with overuse it has harmful side effects.

The compound is only available by prescription now.

The supplement industry learned it’s lesson the hard way, and products are now tested much more rigorously.

Now, most fatburners contain blends of natural herbs and stimulants that keep your body temperature slightly higher.  So not only will have more energy when you workout but it will keep your metabolism elevated after you workout to burn more fat.

But as you will see a top quality fatburner like Phen 375 does more than elevate your core temperature.

Who Should Take Fatburners?

I have to recommend that you always consult a doctor before you take any supplement. Especially if you have a history of medical issues.

Fatburners can raise cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone. If you are stressed out about work, a relationship, money, or anything else, please be careful.

If you take a fatburner and have trouble sleeping stop taking them to see if there is a difference.

Fatburners – How Do They Really Work?

An inexpensive fatburner works only by elevating your core temperature, so you burn more calories throughout the day and night; they simply burn calories as heat.

Top rated fatburners like Phen 375 (more for the average person) or Hydroxycut (more for bodybuilders) also stimulate the body to release more adrenaline and also act as an appetite suppressant.

The release of adrenaline gives you more energy and willpower to exercise and stay active throughout the day.

While the appetite suppressant helps you cut down on the calories you consume, and stop cravings that might hurt the healthy diet you have committed to eating.

When Should You Take a Fatburner?

You need to be careful since most fatburners contain some amounts of caffeine.

Taking them in the morning is your best bet. I wouldn’t suggest taking them after the lunch hour.

Losing sleep will hurt your fat loss by increasing cortisol (see above).

Always read and abide by the recommendations provided by the product.

Will Taking More Fatburner Increase My Fat Loss?

No! Definitely not.

Always follow the instructions on the bottle.

Also, never take them long-term. Make sure you cycle off fatburners after a couple of weeks.

Will Taking a Fatburner Cause Any Side-effects?

Fatburners are much safer now. However, high doses or extended consumption can raise blood pressure or cause heart palpitations.

Have your blood pressure checked regularly.

If you notice anxiety, insomnia, become jittery or dizzy stop taking the fatburner and check with your doctor.

These symptoms are rare if the fatburner is taken as instructed.

I hope that answered some of your questions or gave you useful information that help you decide to take or not take a fatburner product.

My wife and I have taken Phen 375 fairly regular for over a year now. We abide more strictly than the instructions and take it one week on, one week off; followed by 10-days on and one week off.

It has helped me stay at my target weight, and my face and neck are thinner than they were before.

My wife has lost a dress size, has a much more defined waistline and thinner thighs (her trouble spots).

We are entirely satisfied with Phen 375.

If you want more information, click the photo in the sidebar, and it will take you to the official Phen 375 website.

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Ok, if you came here to read 3 Tips to Make Your Fatburner Work Better they are listed below.

3 Tips to Make Your Fatburner Work More Efficiently

Tip 1 – Diet Matters

Don’t think that you can just pop a pill and fat will shed off you like water off a ducks back.

It doesn’t happen. It isn’t miracle drug. But they do help.

You need to stick to a high protein diet that is low in carbs and contains healthy fats (these help you absorb vitamins).

If you are like me, you will need to restrict your diet, no second helpings, no fast foods.

If you are like my wife, stay away from the pasta and sweets.

You can eat all the carrots and celery you want but if you eat donuts and no protein you either won’t lose the weight, or you will gain it back.

Diet is at least 80% of the weight loss effort.

Sleep is also essential.

The key takeaways are fatburners will enhance fat loss, but it won’t work well without you eating a proper diet.

In fact, start eating healthy before you take a fatburner. No sense in wasting money by taking a fatburner and going to the drive-thru.

Control your diet then start with the fatburner.

Tip 2 – More Is Not Going to Help

Companies spend a lot of money to improve their products. They obviously want them to work. They will give you as much of a product as they can without harming you.

Underdosing won’t maximize the effect – companies want to maximize the impact, so you take more and pass along social proof.

Overdosing customers isn’t good for business; sick customers won’t take their product, and they will be all over the internet telling people the product sucks.

Companies design fatburners specifically to give you the proper dose.

Taking more is dangerous and not recommended.

We always start with the lowest recommended dosage to see how it makes us feel. If we are good, we increase it to the highest recommended dosage.

Then we evaluate how it worked and cut back until we feel the product is working as we want.

There is no sense in taking more if you are getting the results with less.

Tip 3 – Fatburners Contain Caffeine Too Much is Bad

When you start taking a fatburner, cut back on the coffee or tea. A cup here and there is fine if that is your routine, but see how the fatburner effects you first before you drink that second cup.

Too many stimulants will raise your cortisol levels that will upset your digestion, sleep patterns, and your mood.

To maximize your fat loss, you need your diet right, your cortisol levels in range, and sound sleep.

If anyone of those three are off, you won’t maximize the fat loss.

The fatburner will give you the same effects as that second cup of coffee.

Let the product work as designed.

Too much stimulant and you will burn out quicker, and it will kill the positive effects of the fatburner.

Workouts are important and burnout will reduce your effort and slow the fat burning process down.

Those are my best 3 tips to make your fatburner work more efficiently.

The fatburner we choose is Phen 375.

It helps our bodies burn fat in multiple ways.

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